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Interpol + David Lynch = Lights + I Touch A Red Button Man

Первый (и надеюсь, не последний) результат сотрудничества Линча и группы Interpol - на фестивале Coachella песня Интерпол "Lights" сопровождалась видеорядом короткометражной анимации Дэвида "I Touch A Red Button Man". Как самостоятельная короткометражка смотрится, конечно, однообразно, а как видеоряд на концерте - вполне.

- We're all big fans of David -- it's a common point, one of those things that's unanimous. We'd never done anything like that before, and he'd never done anything like that before, either. The question was finding the right timing to have the opportunity to work on something together, and I think it felt right to him. We wanted to do our half and provide the music and the second half would know, visual autonomy by David Lynch.

Lynch illustrated the film almost entirely in black and white, with flashes of color appearing when the red button man mechanically presses a red button. The color red grows more present as the video progresses and eventually overwhelms the screen.

The final version of the film moves like clockwork with "Lights" from beginning to end, as the red button man moves in sync with the beat, and occasionally goes berserk when the song does. At times, even the images and lyrics seem to match up -- for example, the film jerks away from the red button man's eyes as Interpol's lead singer Paul Banks sings, "peaceful eyes drawn away from me." (Though the red button man's eyes, it should be noted, are anything but peaceful.)

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